Tired of Sweded Trailers? Here's a 'Pacific Rim' One (Morning Links)

[via io9]

‘Action Stars Shooting At Dogs’ Debuts With Mel Gibson |Film Drunk|

Even The Westboro Baptist Church Loves Jennifer Lawrence |UPROXX|

Here’s Every Pam Poovey Food Prop From ‘Archer’ |Warming Glow|

My New Favorite Thing: TRON Hockey
|With Leather|

Kitty! [via The Frogman]

UPROXX Video: Meet Real Life Superhero ‘The Chum’ In ‘TV For Real’ |Gamma Squad|

10 Redman Songs Everyone Should Know |Smoking Section|

How to Properly React to Free Agency
|Kissing Suzy Kolber|

It’s yoga pants O’Clock somewhere |theChive|

11 Times Companies Bowed to Customer Outcry |Mental Floss|

Reel Papal: A Brief History of Popes on Film ||

Titus’s Top 12 NCAA Power Rankings |Grantland|

Justin Bieber Fans Sent “17,000 Hate Tweets” To Olivia Wilde |IDLYITW|

This French Toilet Paper Ad Is Perfect |HuffPost Comedy|

What Your Sex Toy Says About You |Holy Taco|

Pope Francis Kinda Looks Like George Bluth Sr. |College Humor|

Minnesota Man To State Gov’t: ‘Did You Guys Know Gays Are Ejaculating Into Each Others’ Butts?’ |The Superficial|

11 Things the Veronica Mars Movie Has to Have |Vulture|

16 Movie Stars With Secret Talents |NextMovie|

Louis C.K. Silences Audience Member |Clip Nation|

‘Good Times’ Film In The Works: Jimmy Walker Gets To Eat This Month! |Screen Junkies|

Kelly Rowland Likes Her “Kisses Down Low” |Giant Life|

Marty Stouffer is no Gustavo Almadovar |Videogum|

Five Ways Joel and Mike from “Mystery Science Theater 3000” are Better than Each Other |Pajiba|

Hilarious North Korean Propaganda Film Says Americans ‘Eat Birds’ and Drink ‘Hot Snow’ as Coffee |Brobible|

Music from the UK: An Infographic |High Definite|

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