The 10 Best Christmas Movies Of All Time: A Definitive Ranking

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12.23.13 200 Comments


Everyone else seems to have rankings of Christmas movies, so I thought, why shouldn’t I? Heck, I’m just as good as other people, probably better. Right, so Christmas movies. I actually prefer Christmas movies to Christmas music, because whereas Christmas songs make me want to commit murder after about 90 minutes, you can revisit a good Christmas movie at any time of year or level of drunkenness.

Now, when you’re ranking Christmas movies, there’s always going to be significant debate over not just how good a movie is, but how “Christmas-y” it is. For instance, is an A+ movie with a couple Christmas scenes a “better Christmas movie” than a B movie where the entire plot revolves around Christmas? It’s an interesting question, and one which I  eventually resolved by lighting a fart and throwing a nerf football at my cat. That is why my rankings are so definitive.

So here they are, my top 10 Christmas movies, plus, a bit about Love Actually, the worst Christmas movie. KNIVES OUT!

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