‘Twilight’ And ‘Game Of Thrones’ Might Be To Blame For Homeless Dogs

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02.24.14 14 Comments

"Damn it, Dave, your wolf is attacking that boring girl again."

Remember when Paris Hilton was actually a person that people somehow enjoyed, because she was a spoiled rich girl who did whatever and whoever she wanted? What’s that? People still like her today and she still acts like she’s an important celebrity? Damn this worthless 10-year coma and the relief I thought it would bring! Anyway, she was one of the female celebrities that were responsible for the rise in popularity of small dogs as accessories instead of pets, and today, thanks to the expiration of that fad, there are American cities that are being controlled by packs of terrifying Chihuahuas. But now, as if yet another episode of The Simpsons has become a reality, we may have a solution to that problem – stray wolf breed dogs.

According to the Daily Mail, the number of wolf breed dogs being abandoned at rescue centers like Dogs Trust in Britain has nearly tripled in recent years, and someone is (vaguely) blaming fans of movies and TV shows like Twilight and Game of Thrones for making idiots think that they want their own werewolves and dire wolves.

The Dogs Trust, Britain’s largest dog rescue charity, has experienced a three-fold rise in wolf breed dogs brought to its rehoming centres.

The charity says it is ‘gravely concerned’ about the situation, saying unscrupulous breeders are also to blame, for selling the dogs to people in town-centre flats who were out at work all day and left them unattended.

Last year the trust took in 261 abandoned wolf-type dogs — up from 78 in 2010. (Via the Daily Mail)

Normally, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and stick up for movie and TV fans that might be unjustly blamed by the media for being easily influenced, but I’m pretty sure the blame is being accurately placed here. Especially on Twilight fans. They thought they’d get away with making Taylor Lautner a star once the franchise ended, but we can’t let them off that easily. You must feel the proper amount of shame for your actions, Twilight fans.

And Taylor Swift, she didn’t do us any favors either.

Taylor Lautner

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