Tyler Perry only cooks on motivational stoves

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04.15.13 26 Comments

If you guys were hoping I’d stop being obsessed with the minutiae of Tyler Perry, you may have to skip this post. I continue to be fascinated with the cult of Tyler Perry, where even the most mundane detail of his day can become a metaphor for how you should always dig deeper and fly higher and let Jesus be your jet fuel. He’s like this incredible new version of Deepak Chopra who makes Lifetime movies and teaches you to be more judgmental. The above picture came from his Twitter this morning, along with the message:

Over my stove in LA. Surround yourself with things that remind you to never give up.

I can’t wait until he fires his private chef for not making him poached lobster cakes in the shape of a heart and spins it into a story about how you have to get rid of people in your life who keep you from following your heart. Let the Lord be your drawn butter, my child.

[hat tip: Sam Strange]

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