Ufford plays with dogs, Cat bowling, Morning Links

04.09.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Here’s our pal Ufford at the Brooklyn Mutt Show. Oh, so he gets to play with dogs all day now? Well la di da. |via SBNation|

The Dugout Opening Days ’12: Pittsburgh Pirates |With Leather|

Boob and Voice Jokes A-Plenty In ‘SNL’ with Sofía Vergara |Warming Glow|

Cat bowling is amazing. |source|

Colbert Captures ‘Bada$s’ Biker Popping Wheelies In Lincoln Tunnel On His iPhone |UPROXX|

30 Geeky Easter Eggs Too Good To Hide |Gamma Squad|

Frotcast 94: Justin Halpern tells of a Jason Biggs encounter, we review American Reunion, Manswers Roulette |Film Drunk|

21 Examples Of Founding Fathers Slash Fiction |Buzzfeed|

13 Adorable Cats ‘Boxing’ |HuffPost Comedy|

Kim Kardashian blah blah blah can we throw this bitch off a bridge yet? |TheSuperficial|

Drake wrote a bar mitzvah song. |TheDailyWhat|

19 regional words Americans should adopt immediately. |MentalFloss|

A History of Leonardo DiCaprio’s On Screen Deaths |Moviefone|

Miley Cyrus might quit Hollywood. Oh no, what will they do if they lose another talentless, slutty idiot? |Videogum|

The 11 best Easter bunnies of all time. |ModernMan|

The ten best Draw Something pictures of the week. |PopHangover|

Stop! Scene Stealer! 10 TV Characters Who Have Walked Away With Someone Else’s Show |Pajiba|

Jocks might not actually be dumb says this thingie. |HolyTaco|

How to Be the Coolest Kid of 1994 |Unreality|

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