Unnecessary Sequel Alert: Horrible Bosses 2

Horrible Bosses was a film about three guys who have horrible bosses (such as Charlie Day’s boss, Jennifer Aniston, who keeps sexually harassing him), so they cook up a plan to kill them and ask a black guy (Jamie Foxx) how to do it. Obviously there’s so much rich mythology here that it needed a second film in order to be fully explored.

John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, the screenwriters behind New Line’s surprise workplace comedy hit [$35 mil budget; $210 mil worldwide gross] Horrible Bosses, have closed a deal to pen a sequel. It is expected that Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis will be back to star in the movie, and the studio is in early talks with helmer Seth Gordon to return to the director’s chair. [THR]

What’s the plot of this one, they have new bosses that are also horrible? Horribler Bosses?  Electric Bossaloo? Hey, maybe you guys are just terrible employees, ever thought of that? Charlie Day makes me laugh almost every time he opens his mouth, but this is pushing it. Where’s Day Man, or Little Green Ghouls: The Movie? “Horrible Bosses” doesn’t even sound like a real movie title, it sounds like the poorly-translated-into-Chinese version of a movie title.