The Honest Trailer for Dark Knight Rises

ScreenJunkies seems to have a good thing going with their “Honest Trailers” series, and their latest coincides with today’s DVD release of The Dark Knight Rises (see our guide to this week’s DVD releases). In keeping with the sheer number of complaints a person could have about The Dark Knight Rises, this one clocks in at nearly five minutes. That’s impressive nit picking.

“The movie that will mildly entertain you while you’re watching it, but will ultimately anger and disappoint you when you really start to think about it.”

Yup, that about sums it up for me. And yet, if virtually anyone but Chris Nolan had directed it, it’d probably be about 100 times worse. Anyway, I commend ScreenJunkies for this blatant nerd trolling. Let’s check in with the YouTube comments, shall we??

Shanil: i love all your videos but this was lame. Bane made a lot of sense. you shudve mentioned the complete lack of screen time for Scarecrows character and how hes still alive. He didn’t reveal his secret identity. Josephs character figured it out and approached him. The batman symbol on fire gave hope to the citizens of Gotham which made the commissioners partner decide to fight. Miranda told bane about the armoury, they work together. Its like you skipped bits of the movie.


1. bruce stop being batman, because he thought batman was the solution to his parents death, but it results in the death of another loved one– so he correctly concludes batman has caused more pain for himself.

2. (while it was over kill to say he had no cartilage in his knees-it was obviously used for comic relief) it is still believable that his body would be pretty f-up after watchign the shit he does in TDK and BB.


zakissocool: wow best nitpick ever. you even change bane’s calculations of 5 months until detonation into less than 3 months. nice job, dickhead. go suck josh whedon’s dick. won’t need any of your bullsh*t trailers. *unsubscribed



Mmm, that’s some good YouTube commentin’. I give it t-minus 20 minutes before the first racist death threat.