Video: Steven Spielberg watches the 1976 oscar nominations

There’s plenty of news going around today about Hollywood’s latest remakes, sequels, sequels of remakes, reboots, and uncredited remakes of sequels, but I tend to enjoy this historical stuff a lot more. Thanks to the AV Club for digging up this classic video of Steven Spielberg watching the 1976 Oscar nominations, honoring the films of 1975, when he made Jaws, earning a Best Picture (but not Best Director) nomination. My favorite part of this is that Spielberg seems to be hanging out with a couple of gangster henchmen from the 30s. It’s a must-watch.

(from the 2:10 mark). “Foist of all, you can not have the best pictah if the directah is not also nominated. Who made the pictah, somebody’s mothah?? This man made Jyaws! Who’s kiddin’ who around heah? I mean, who made it, the shahk?”

Is that guy real? He’s great. He’s like if Gary Dell’Abbate had a baby with one of the gangster dogs from a Warner Bros cartoon.  I’m convinced that guy’s not actually real, and that Andy Serkis is in a room somewhere covered in ping pong balls grabbing his crotch and telling people to put up their dukes. Andy Serkis. What an actor.

[AV Club]