Video supercut: The Greatest Movie Sandwiches

Some wise YouTube user recently put together this mash-up of The Greatest Movie Sandwiches, and I don’t mind telling you that the execution is as spot-on as the premise.  It’s also a fine trip through some of cinema’s finest performances.  For instance, no one could convey the subtle nuances of “homophobic lawyer” through a simple cheek-empouched pastrami on rye like Denzel Washington.  The man is technician.  I must however protest the exclusion of Sharon Stone’s tasty roast beef in Basic Instinct. Yes, thank you, I know where the corner is.  As a sidenote, I find adding “tasty” to any female anatomy adds an extra level of creepiness.  See also: “tasty vajayjay.”  As in, “Gee, Sharon, you’ve sure got a tasty vajayjay.”  Try it during role play at your next sexual harassment seminar.

[hat tip: Videogum]

/Obligatory Photoshop.