Watch: The Gag Reel from Tommy Boy

I just caught this Tommy Boy gag reel over on BroBible, and apparently it’s been online since October, but regardless it seemed like a fun way to waste four minutes on an already-unproductive Monday. I mostly like to crap on my generation’s wildly overvalued nostalgia, but Tommy Boy hits me right in my soft spot. It seemed like it was always on cable growing up and I’ve seen it about a jillion times. The plot is hokey and formulaic and the jokes are mostly hacky, but damn if I don’t still love it anyway. Something about Chris Farley’s “lovable fat guy” shtick seems so much more natural than, say, Kevin James’s. It seems like he wasn’t trying nearly so hard to be lovable. Or was I just younger and less cynical then? You know what, don’t answer that.