Robert Downey goes full British in new Sherlock Holmes 2 trailer

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07.13.11 16 Comments

After the jump, you can watch Robert Downey Jr. smoke pipes, solve crimes, crack wise, and generally chew scenery in the new trailer for Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows (seriously, can we just put a f*cking “2” after these things? you’re not fooling anyone.). Whereas I think you’d have to be genuinely retarded to still want to see Johnny Depp mince about in eyeliner and wink at the camera in a Pirates movie (not that I don’t still love Johnny Depp despite it), watching Robert Downey Jr. act cute and witty still seems fresh. Well, not fresh, maybe, but eminently watchable. It probably has a lot to do with Jerry Bruckheimer not being involved in this. That assh*le ruins everything.

(*Robert Downey Jr. walks out of your mom’s bedroom wearing lipstick and a frilly bonnet, holding a live carp in one hand, twirling a cane with the other*)

HOLMES: Well that was certainly… interesting.

WATSON: Holmes! You’re incorrigible!

HOLMES: One mustn’t hesitate to investigate a case from every… angle. (*blows bubbles from a corncob pipe*)

WATSON: (*slips in puddle of KY, they land in 69 position*)

HOLMES: The clues point in every direction!

WATSON: [glibly] Oh how I’ve missed you, Holmes.

[via Apple, opens December 16th]

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