Watch this short film: Splitscreen, A Love Story

While I could listen to a slowed-down track of a six-year-old singing about her hot ass in front of Sharon Osbourne all day, there comes a time in every blogger’s life when he has to say, “oooh, look at me, guys, I’m all cultured and arty.”  On that note, here’s a short film by JW Griffiths, Splitscreen: A Love Story, which was shot entirely on a Nokia N8 cell phone and won the 2011 Nokia Shorts Competition. Aww, I thought the Nokia Shorts Competition was something entirely different. (*hangs head, morosely puts rhinestone hot pants back in Chodin’s closet*)

It’s basically a predictable, perfectly-executed experiment in form, which tend to be the most effective short films.  You can see the making-of video after the jump (along with a few more of my favorite shorts).  But spoiler alert: hold onto your panties, ladies, because the director is a handsome, scruffy Englishman. Yeah, whatever, dude. Let’s see you craft a pedophilia joke. Or make awesome gif animations.

[hat tip to GandtheW for finding this]

Here’s another awesome short, Baby Trashes Bar in Las Palmas:

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And of course, who could forget Tropfest winner Animal Beatbox:

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