‘Wetlands’ Is Back With More German Perversion In This NSFW New ‘Pink-Band’ Trailer

Last week, I brought you the first trailer for Wetlands, a German film based on a best-selling German book about a naughty girl who is obsessed with poop and periods and smegma and vagina slime (she is German, you see). Very much like the real-life version of Scrotie McBoogerballs from South Park. Since that’s my all-time favorite South Park episode (it’s between that one and the one where they go to space and meet a giant taco that craps ice cream, at least), FilmDrunk seemed like a great place to exclusively premiere this new “pink-band” trailer for the film. Pink because vaginas, get it? (I think.) Anyway, watch at your own risk and whatnot.

I was really hoping it’d be Rammstein playing in those headphones.

Wetlands, based on the book by Charlotte Roche, is directed by David Wnendt (won’t you please lend him a vowel?) and stars Carla Juri. It opens September 5th in New York and September 12th in LA, with a wider release to follow.

Eighteen year-old Helen Memel (Carla Juri) likes to skateboard, masturbate with vegetables and thinks that body hygiene is greatly overrated. Struggling with her parents’ divorce, she spends her time experimenting and breaking one social taboo after the other with her best friend, Corinna (Marlen Kruse). When a shaving accident lands her in the hospital, she sees it as a way to reconcile her parents, but ends up forming an unlikely bond with her male nurse, Robin (Christoph Letkowski) in the process.

Aw, man, I like to skateboard and masturbate with vegetables! I should’ve been a nurse so I could meet more perverted 18-year-olds. I’m telling you, that German butthole nurse is really living the dream.

Oh, and I’m sure I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this: