What did Christian Bale say to Robert DeNiro?

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01.17.11 38 Comments

I watched the West Coast feed of the Golden Globes last night and it seemed like something was getting bleeped every five minutes.  Most of it was inconsequential (Gervais saying “for God’s sake”, for example), but I did make a note to find out what Christian Bale said to Robert DeNiro that was bleeped while the telecast cut to commercial (yes, taking notes while watching the Golden Globes, that’s your glimpse into my sad, pathetic existence for the day).

Hollywood Reporter found out and boy, was it ever… well, sort of boring.

(As Bale was finishing up his speech, he blurted out De Niro’s name, swore and began talking again before the music swelled up and the show cut to commercial.)

“I just told him he’s the sh!t. You see an actor of that caliber and Robert Duvall… I don’t know if he’s here… those guys are the sh!t,” Bale joked to a room full of reporters backstage. “I just wanted to say I’m proud to be in the same room as him.”

In retrospect, I don’t know what I was expecting.  Something both vulgar and dangerous?  “Thanks very much to the HFPA, and before I go I just wanted to say that Helen Mirren’s AIDS p*ssy caused 9/11!”

Anyway, I’m sorry this turned out to be such a non-story, so here are some pictures of January Jones’ awesome dress.  That’s right, dress.  That’s exactly what I meant.

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