Wisconsin convenience store likes quoting Big Lebowski as much as you

Though the competition is likely fierce, Blue Moose took a big step towards becoming the hippest convenience store in the greater OshKosh area with these cups referencing the famous quote from The Big Lebowski.  (They even put the “man” in the right place!)

Since Big Lebowski quotes seem to be even more universally loved than that Journey song, I had a few more ideas about where they could be incorporated.

  • Engraving on TAG Heuer’s latest model: “It’s a Swiss f*cking watch.”
  • Malibu changes their official city model to “Keep your goldbrickin’ ass out of our beach community.”
  • Tagline for Paxil: “Nothing is f*cked here, dude.”
  • Church marquee: “Nobody f*cks with the Jesus.”  (obvious)
  • In N Out Burger: “Those are good burgers, Walter.”

[via Buzzfeed]