Woody Allen got roasted

Woody Allen’s latest movie, To Rome With Love, opened the LA Film Festival a few days ago and unfortunately for Woody, the Paris-style hit on his hands (bummer, because I really liked Midnight in Paris).  If that weren’t bad enough, he had to deal with his son and ex-wife busting his balls, and on Father’s Day, no less! Well this is a fine breakfast in bed, ya sh*tbags!

Ronan Farrow (pictured, sploosh), Woody’s 24-year-old son with ex-wife Mia Farrow (their only biological child), who’s apparently some kind of prodigy who went to law school at 15 and became a Rhodes Scholar, took the opportunity to land that one really perfect burn on his dad on the only day of the year when it works. (Woody’s wife, Soon-Yi, is Ronan’s adopted sister). Then Mia in the peanut gallery had to add “Boom,” like your typical embarrassing mom who can’t help herself from commenting on all her grown son’s Facebook posts. (To be fair, “Boom” seems like a natural reaction. I would’ve also accepted “ZING!” “Hiyo!” “Swish!” and “Roasted.”).

Woody, meanwhile, probably still hasn’t seen the tweet, because he still writes his scripts on a typewriter and doesn’t know how to use text messages. But as soon Soon Yi figures out how to get a Twitter app installed on the Hello Kitty Jitterbug she bought him, there’s gonna be a meeting between Ronan’s ass and the palm of his hand. NOW GET! OFF! THE DAMN SHED!