Would-be hero arrested for bringing guns to Dark Knight showing

After the Aurora shooting, a number of the country’s most prominent dipsh*ts seemed to crystallize behind a common reaction: that the tragedy could’ve been lessened if only some of the people inside that dark theater filled with smoke had brought more guns. Stupid victims! Arm yourselves! Well now, one brave American attempts to follow the advice of noted thinkers  Ted Nugent and former Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, bringing enough guns to defend himself from attackers to a Dark Knight screening, and what happens? He gets arrested! DAMN YOU, OBAMA! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU LET DEATH PANELS FORCE PEOPLE TO GAY MARRY EACH OTHER!

A man faces weapons charges after authorities say he went to an Ohio movie theater showing the latest Batman movie armed with a gun, ammunition and knives.
Scott A. Smith, 37, is due in court Friday on two counts of carrying a concealed weapon and 19 counts related to carrying weapons “under disability,” charges that refer to the effects of prescription drugs Smith was taking, said Nicole DiSanto of the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office.
Police say Saturday night Smith went to the Regal Theater in Westlake, Ohio, to see the 10:30 p.m. showing of “The Dark Knight Rises.”
According to DiSanto, Smith was the first to arrive, 30 minutes before the movie’s start, and took a seat in the back row, directly in the middle, with his back to a wall. A manager at the theater and an off-duty police officer grew suspicious of where he sat, and they noticed the bag Smith was carrying.
They asked to search the bag, DiSanto said, and inside found a loaded 9 mm semiautomatic handgun, two loaded magazine clips and three knives. Police said Smith was carrying another knife on his person.
Smith told the off-duty officer he was carrying the gun and knives for protection, to protect himself and other moviegoers, said police, who took him into custody. A search of Smith’s home turned up more weapons, including rifles, shotguns and survivalist gear.

Survivalist gear? You don’t say. Make fun all you want, but that’s just what survivalists do, bro. They survive.

Westlake police Lt. Ray Arcuri said police believe Smith’s position in the movie theater was “tactical:” not only was he protected from the back, but he could have fired to his right, left and center on anyone in the theater in front of him. About 80 people attended the movie that night.

Yes, he had his back to the wall, a high-level tactic they only teach Green Berets. It not only gives you a full 180-degrees of firing range and protection from the rear, but there’s also room for your rascal scooter back there. I’m seated tactically on my jack-off couch right now. Come and get me, Russkies, I dare you. I’ve got two Cheetos-dust-covered balls with your name on them, Ivan.

In 1995, Smith enlisted in the U.S. Army but did not finish basic training, according to Army spokesman George Wright. Phone calls to Smith’s lawyer for comment were not returned to CNN. [CNN]

What a miscarriage of justice. I’m sure those 80 people felt way safer knowing there was a pilled-up Army dropout survivalist armed to the teeth with knives strapped to his man tits there to protect them. I’m telling you, this country’s going down the sh*tter.