Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD & Blu-ray

10.01.13 6 years ago 14 Comments
It’s Tuesday and that means you’ve had almost two full days to digest the Breaking Bad finale, so now that I’ve fulfilled my official blogger’s obligation to namedrop Breaking Bad at least one time in this post, we can actually move on to the task at hand.  This Is The End is this week’s main offering, but as usual we’ve got a full and robust potpourri of films to choose from if you’ve already seen the one that gets the banner image.  We’ve got Nicolas Cage films both live action and animated. We’ve got some new blood and a broken heart.  We’ve got frozen ground and organic fertilizer.  We’ve got cavemen and Christmas pageants.  We’ve even got a film that has already cemented its place in Canadian cinematic history.

The DVDs:

This Is The End

The Croods

The Frozen Ground


So This Is Christmas

Fright Night 2: New Blood

The Book Of Daniel

Beyond The Heavens

Language Of A Broken Heart

100 Bloody Acres

Dead Before Dawn

Abandoned Mine

Two of this week’s films are Dove-approved, but if you want to know which ones they are you’re just going to have to continue reading.  Another one of these movies is about an abandoned mine.  Sure, you may think you know which one it is, but if you continue reading you might be surprised by the answer.  Or not, because it’s the one called Abandoned Mine, but you should keep reading anyway because at one point during this crazy adventure I end up quoting scripture and I for one think we all could use a little more Biblical influence in our lives.

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