A Japanese Senior Citizen Has Been Going Around Robbing Arcades

01.11.12 8 years ago

Believe it or not, Japan has a real problem in the form of “elder crime.” As of 2008, old people were the perpetrators in one in seven of all reported crimes, including murders, assaults, robberies, and other fun retirement activities.

OK, not all of that is awesome, but Hiroyuki Miura is kind of awesome: He’s an old guy who has apparently been going around and robbing arcades across the country. Sadly, these are not elaborate heists — Miura pretty much just breaks a window, walks in, and helps himself to the money.

But, still, it’s nice to know that, despite all their social problems and economic issues, Japan takes the time to contribute to weird crime columns across the world.

(image via daedrius on Flickr)

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