A Man Used An Airport Video Monitor In Portland To Play ‘Apex Legends’

Playing video games is a great use of time during a long layover or airport delay, but one man in Portland took it a bit too far for PDX officials. According to a traveler on Twitter and later a report in The Oregonian, a man used an airport terminal monitor to play his gaming console at the Portland airport earlier this week. It’s definitely Portland, too — the iconic PDX carpet design can be seen under the seated gamer currently playing Apex Legends.

According to The Oregonian, the whole ordeal was fairly tame: a man plugged a PS4 into one of the horizontal airport monitors next to the vertical ones listing arrivals and departures, then grabbed a chair and started playing. Stefan Dietz caught a snapshot of the gamer and put it on Twitter, and eventually PDX officials got involved and made him surrender control of the monitor back to, you know, important airport stuff.

Operations supervisors approached the gamer, Simonds said, “and very kindly asked this person to unplug and cease using the monitors at the airport.”

According to Simonds, the man asked “very politely” if he could finish his game. Sadly for him, the answer was no.

“Apparently it was a very polite and cordial interaction,” Simonds said, calling it “a good reminder of what not to do at the airport.”

In the gamer’s defense, he did ask politely if he could finish. And it’s not like he took over the boards that show flight status or anything, it was likely just running some ads. Playing Apex Legends is definitely a much better use of the screen if you ask me. Anything to kill some time while waiting to board, right?