Alamo Drafthouse Has Now Resorted To Telling Guests Don’t Talk, Text, Or ‘Pokemon Go’

Movie theaters generally don’t like when you talk or text during the theater, but one theater chain is also reminding moviegoers not to “catch them all.”

The Alamo Drafthouse, an Austin-based movie theater chain, released a tongue-in-cheek PSA-style video asking viewers to not use the Pokemon Go app while watching a movie. The PSA uses footage from David Fincher’s thriller Seven, only slightly less horrific and deadly. As Morgan Freeman’s character tries to open a box left by the serial killer, he instead uncovers an adorable Pikachu, sporting a pretty awesome CP value of 282.

The Alamo Drafthouse is pretty famous for its “no talk, no text” policy, promising to kick people out if they don’t cut it out, including Madonna when she wouldn’t stop texting. Fortunately, the Alamo Drafthouse has a pretty good sense of humor about it, once using a woman’s petty voicemail in a PSA, and having Kevin Bacon threaten to “beat you up” for breaking the Drafthouse’s rules.

The Drafthouse may be issuing a “no talk, no text, no Pokeballs” policy, but that doesn’t mean they’re spoiling all the fun. According to Entertainment Weekly, at least 10 of the Drafthouse’s 22 theaters are also PokeStops, and the theater company is inviting players to hang out in the lobby for more eggs, potions, and bonding.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)