Kevin Bacon Will Arrest You If You Don’t Shut Up During Movies

Be warned: If you talk or text during a movie, Kevin Bacon will arrest you.

Here, in another of Alamo Drafthouse’s series of PSA’s about theater etiquette, Kevin Bacon scolds the members of an audience who has been talking and texting during Bacon’s latest film, Cop Car. Bacon is later joined in this fight by a dancing, human-sized box of popcorn.

Cop Car, directed by Jon Watts (who, next, will be directing the still as yet untitled Spider-Man reboot) finds the corrupt Sheriff Kretzer (Bacon) disposing of a dead body in the woods. When he returns, his cop car is missing – having been taken for a joy ride by two rambunctious kids – so Kretzer spends the rest of the film in a cat and mouse quest for his car back.

But, in the meantime, he just wants you to shut up during movies and not use your phone. Is that so hard? We should all listen to Kevin Bacon.