‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Has A Release Date, But It’s Further Off Than You Were Hoping

09.08.14 5 years ago 14 Comments

Good news! Batman: Arkham Knight, the upcoming PS4/Xbox One Batman game from Rocksteady and the final game in the Arkham series, now has a firm release date! Unfortunately, the bad news is that the game, which was, at one time, supposed to come out this holiday season, won’t be coming out until June 2nd.

The waaa-aaaaaai-ting is the hardest part.

Want to make the wait even harder? Well, WB Games also revealed two expensive collectors editions you won’t be able to play for eight months! The Limited Edition of Arkham Knight comes with a Steelbook case, an 80-page art book, a little statue and a copy of the Batman: Arkham Knight comic book for $99.99.

Meanwhile The Batmobile Edition comes will all the above swag and a friggin’ Batmobile for $199.99.

That’s a lot of money for a single game. You could buy a Wii U for that, or go on two or three dates with a nice lady. Just sayin’ — spend wisely.

Via Destructoid

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