This ‘Battlefield 1’ Trailer Made Entirely With Glitch-Filled Beta Footage Is Hilarious Chaos

Will Battlefield 1 be the biggest game of the year? That remains to be seen, but it certainly has the best trailers. Scorching gameplay, great music choices, tight editing — the trailers have delivered the goods, and gamers have responded in a big way. After spending years in Call of Duty‘s shadow, Battlefield 1 seems to be generating far more positive buzz this year. If you haven’t checked out the game’s trailers, you really should remedy that by clicking here and here.

Well, now we have a different kind of trailer to show you. Over the past month, gamers have had the opportunity to test out Battlefield 1 via an open beta, and, well, things have been a bit glitchy. That’s no big deal, working out bugs is what betas are for, but YouTuber CrowbCat had the clever idea to make his own Battlefield 1 trailer using nothing but glitch footage. The results are hilarious, and more than a little crazy.

Flying tanks, possessed soldiers, bottomless chasms, horses stuck in walls, guys running full-tilt across the desert with their face stuck in the sand, this trailer has it all! Honestly, this version of Battlefield 1 looks even more fun than the “proper” version.

Battlefield 1 arrives (with a few less glitches, hopefully) October 21.