‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops III’ Gets A Little ‘Deus Ex’ In Its First Trailer

The Call of Duty series has been vaguely speculative in nature. It’s easy to forget that Modern Warfare is basically about Russia getting taken over by a Bond villain even more extreme than Putin. But they’ve lately been going all-out, with near-future paramilitaries, and wars with China and all that. But the first trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops III goes well beyond the near future to a cyborg dystopia straight out of Deus Ex.

We can sum the trailer up pretty simply: You’re fighting cyborgs this go-round, possibly cyborgs with genetic enhancements. The only note that rings false is the military denying that it would run a super-soldier program: the U.S. military has been fairly up front about how, no, they totally want to build super-soldiers. They don’t particularly want to muck about in the genetic code, but cyborgs? They’re down with cyborgs, although they’re going with exoskeletons first.

That said, it wouldn’t be Blops without some sort of shadowy conspiracy, so there you go. Hey, at least this time they won’t get sued by a murderous dictator. As for the actual game, more information will be arriving on Sunday.