‘Call Of Duty’s’ Days Of Summer Event Will Segue Right Into The ‘COD: WW2’ Hype Train With Lots Of Free Stuff


With the Call of Duty: WW2 beta dropping on August 25th, Activision knows they need to go all-out before everyone leaves the old CoDs behind to embrace the old which is new again. So, Infinity Ward has busted out a cliché surfer dude to introduce the world to the Days of Summer event, which gives gamers a bunch of free stuff like gun skins, crates, characters to play as, and most significantly, maps across Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered starting today, June 27th (if you’re reading this from the future, hello!) and ends August 1st.

This also marks the release of the too-expensive Modern Warfare remaster.

Really, there’s something for everyone here. The skins are unique enough to want to collect, the maps look fun, and variety is the spice of gaming. There’s also double XP for the next five or so weeks, which is nice.

Here are a few of the skins and the new accessories you can add to your weapons.

And the new levels:

The “Beach Bog” map is a partial re-skin of the original Bog map, but that’s fine. There’s enough new stuff in there to get excited about, like a sand castle and what looks to be a surf shop, and the accumulated beach balls add a certain charm to the game that’s taking itself a little too seriously far too often. We recognize the juxtaposition, Activision, and we appreciate it.

Both Infinite Warfare and MWR players will get one summer-themed supply drop every Monday, as well as two free in-game gifts when you log in every Wednesday and Friday. IW will get the futuristic Turista map and Modern Warfare‘s Beach Bog will also play host to the “Beachcomber prop hunt” mode.

All in all, it’s a lot of cool, free stuff for a limited time, and should help you pass the long days until we can storm a different kind of beach (Normandy).

(Via Gamespot)