Capcom’s New ‘Street Fighter V’ Promo From E3 Will Punch You In The Face

E3 continues to pump out endless hype for gamers of all persuasion, including this trailer for Capcom’s Street Fighter V. Like the original Star Trek movies, there’s never been a well-received odd-numbered Street Fighter game. But it looks like Capcom has learned its lesson after Street Fighter III and is keeping up tight quality control on Street Fighter V.

The new E3 video debuts Cammy and Birdie, who join previously announced characters like Ryu, Chun-Li, M. Bison and Charlie Nash. All the character models have been redesigned from the ground up and look pretty damn sexy… or horrible, but that’s the way Birdie is supposed to look.

As for the new game mechanics, Street Fighter V is built around the V-Guage, V-Skills, V-Triggers and V-Reversals. You build your V-Guage up to unleash V-Skill attacks or counter with V-Reversals. Different characters have unique and powerful V-Skills and V-Triggers, such as Ryu’s parry or Charlie Nash’s Bullet Clear. But SFV is offense oriented; it was designed specifically to speed matches up and make the defensive play of Street Fighter IV less effective.

Street Fighter V is set to come out in spring 2016, but those who pre-order the game will get automatic access to beta runs, the first of which is set to occur from July 23-28 on the PS4 Network.

(Via YouTube)