Carly Rae Jepsen Recorded A Song In That Weird Language From ‘The Sims’

This year, Carly Rae Jepsen proved that she’s not merely the lady who sang “Call Me Maybe” with the critical and commercial success of her album E-MO-TION. However, Jepsen’s not one to rest on her laurels. Instead, like many musicians before her, Carly has decided to record her music in another language. The catch here? The language in question is Simlish. You know, the language from the computer game The Sims.

You may remember The Sims from the time when they were popular (though they are still hanging on, even in 2015). It’s a game where you create people and build them houses and stuff. You could hang tapestries in front of fireplaces and the houses would light on fire and sometimes the people in them would die. This was not the goal of the game, but it was a heavily utilized option. In the game, the characters speak a pseudo-language called Simlish which is basically gibberish. Sims need music, though, and there’s where Jepsen decided to step in.

Jepsen’s Simlish single “Run Away with Me” is included in the new Sims 4: Get Together expansion pack. Most impressively, Jepsen sings it herself, which means she has to take the emotion of the original and put it into nonsense language. That’s weird and delightful in equal measure.

It’s an oddly catchy tune, even if you aren’t fluent in Simlish.

(Via Vulture)