Check Out Some New Paint-Splattered Stages From Nintendo’s Quirky ‘Splatoon’

Splatoon is the most interesting Nintendo game of the year. Gamers always say they want something new from Nintendo, and the company is definitely delivering with Splatoon. The game looks a bit more modern than your average Nintendo game (its characters wouldn’t be out of place on, say, Cartoon Network) and it also focuses on online multiplayer in a big way. That said, it’s also a game where you shoot neon colored paint at your opponents and can transform into a squid, so it’s still very distinctively Nintendo.

Could Splatoon be a sneak peak at what Nintendo games will be like in the future? Maybe, but first we have to see how well Splatoon does. You can check out some new Splatoon stages above, and some explanation of how the game plays from yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, below.

What do the Nintendo fans out there think? Interested in Splatoon, or has Nintendo gone too far out on a limb with this one?