‘Call Of Duty: WW2’s’ Nazi Zombies Reveal Trailer Has Leaked And It Looks Horrific

The Army of the Dead is here, leaked days before the promised July 20th San Diego Comic-Con reveal, and Sledgehammer Games is not happy about it. Unfortunately for them, it’s out there now, so fans can see the gory, part-machine, part-dead Nazi that they’ll be up against when Call of Duty: World War 2 launches on November 3rd. Sledgehammer addressed the leak in a disappointed tweet:

This kind of puts a damper on months of extremely well-put together build-up to the reveal. Sledgehammer had fans decrypting clues that will point to the horror campaign’s locations and heroes, and recently, they had begun showing that these zombies weren’t just zombies:

The main characters of Nazi Zombies will be former Death Eater and tenth Doctor David Tennant along with Elektra herself, Elodie Yung:


The trailer shows the zombies as terrible experiments gone haywire, and unlike previous games, it seems like the story around the Nazi Zombies is far more (for lack of a better phrase) fleshed out. Sledgehammer may be disappointed with the SDCC reveal leaking, but we’re sure to get more details that will explain the size and scope and this game mode that comes from key players from the Dead Space series.

“Our team has been cranking on this year’s Zombies and it’ll be more gruesome and terrifying than ever,” Sledgehammer has promised. So far, it seems like they’re going to deliver.