‘Call Of Duty: WW2’s’ Nazi Zombies Reveal Trailer Has Leaked And It Looks Horrific

07.16.17 8 months ago

The Army of the Dead is here, leaked days before the promised July 20th San Diego Comic-Con reveal, and Sledgehammer Games is not happy about it. Unfortunately for them, it’s out there now, so fans can see the gory, part-machine, part-dead Nazi that they’ll be up against when Call of Duty: World War 2 launches on November 3rd. Sledgehammer addressed the leak in a disappointed tweet:

This kind of puts a damper on months of extremely well-put together build-up to the reveal. Sledgehammer had fans decrypting clues that will point to the horror campaign’s locations and heroes, and recently, they had begun showing that these zombies weren’t just zombies:

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