Dear Valve: You Are Now Obligated To Hire Erin

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Erin Michael Vondrak lives in Seattle and really wants to work for Valve. Like, REALLY. REALLY.

For those of you who, like me, don’t get Portal references when you see them on the internet, Valve is a video game developer, and a really cool one. Erin has applied three times with no luck, so like anyone who REALLY wants to make the seemingly impossible happen, Erin has taken to YouTube. She’s animated, set to music, and provided vocals for this impossible-to-not-like video resume that makes all other video resumes look like half-hearted video profiles.

I’ll let gamers (and possibly Valve management) be the judge, but let’s just say I’m convinced Erin has the requisite talent (and certainly the passion) to work for Valve, even if the idea of the internet forcing decisions on celebrities and now companies makes me a little uncomfortable. Years from now will we all have Mila Kunis to thank for helping us realize our wildest fantasies?

Via: Topless Robot

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