Elon Musk Is Beefing With ‘Fortnite’ On Twitter After Joking That He Bought The Game

10.20.18 10 months ago 6 Comments

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Elon Musk and a video game are fighting, because 2018 is officially the longest and weirdest year on record. The technology mogul and Fortnite, the technology every teenager is currently playing in beta, got into a tiff online that was as unsurprising as it was underwhelming.

It all started when a satirical website wrote a fake story that Musk had bought the game and deleted it. The fake quote attributed to Musk said “I had to save these kids from eternal virginity,” implying that only turbo nerds play the wildly popular game that’s popular across basically every gaming platform and also your phone.

Musk took a screenshot of that headline and quote and tweeted it out, going along the joke and saying that it “had to be done.” He also asked everyone to thank him for his generosity.

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