‘Far Cry 5’ Goes Hunting In The Five Games To Play This Week


Every week, it feels like there’s more games for more platforms than ever. So, each Tuesday, we pick out five games worth your time and attention. Starting this week with you going all Turok on a bunch of cultists in rural Montana.

Pick Of The Week: Far Cry 5, Today ($60, PS4, Xbox One, and PC)

Yes, everyone’s favorite Joseph Conrad simulator is back, this time to take on a very David Koresh-esque cult in the wilds of Montana. We’ve run a full review of the game, so check out our thoughts, but really, is there any reason not to play a game where you team up with a bear named Cheeseburger, and have him eat a cultist?

The Witch And The Hundred Knight 2, Today ($50, PS4)

Adorable Diablo returns with a different witch, the same knight and a big problem, as a disease is infesting the land and only the Hundred Knight can save the world. Or just beat the crap out of everything with a bunch of different weapons.

Clusterpuck 99, Thursday ($10, Nintendo Switch)

The retro party game comes to the Switch, where you and seven friends play little pucks trying to get another puck into a goal, on playing fields it’s easy to get punched right out of. In short, it’s pretty much the perfect video game for a large group of not entirely sober people.

Alteric, Friday ($10, Xbox One and Switch)

If instead you feel like destroying a controller, this nightmarishly tough platformer is coming to Switch and Xbox One after reducing the PlayStation community to tears. OK, OK, it’s not quite that bad, but don’t expect an easy time of it.

Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 3, Thursday ($15, PS4)

Finally, if you feel like going very, very old-school, Atari has put out an archive of 21 old games to see how they played games in Gen X’s day.

Any games we missed? Let us know in the comments!