‘FIFA 21’ Dropped Its Reveal Trailer And Announced Major News About Career Mode

It’s FIFA season, as EA Sports’ annual soccer video game has spent the last few days announcing major news regarding its latest release. On Wednesday, it was announced that Paris Saint-Germain and France star Kylian Mbappe will appear on all three covers of FIFA 21, and one day later, EA Sports dropped both a reveal trailer for the game including some of the biggest young stars in world football and some highly-anticipated news about changes that will come to this year’s version of the game.

The trailer, which is narrated by Manchester United legend Eric Cantona, includes a number of clips from the game and highlights four of the brightest youngsters in the sport: Mbappe, Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold, Atletico Madrid’s Joao Felix, and Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland.

As for what people can expect in this year’s game, EA Sports laid out some changes on FIFA‘s official website. Full explanations of what will occur are coming in August, but there are tweaks coming to gameplay, Ultimate Team, and last year’s new addition, VOLTA Football. The biggest news, however, stems from changes that are coming to the game’s Career Mode, which has long been maligned (including by Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid) as growing stale and not getting enough love by developers.

EA announced that won’t be the case in FIFA 21, as additions like a new interactive match simulator, expanded ways to buy/loan players, and a management system that lets you have more control over a squad’s training during the week. The growth system for players is getting overhauled, too, which the release says will let gamers “turn right backs into right wingers, defensive midfielders into centre backs, and more to fill gaps in your team, and monitor player attribute changes during training to see how your squad is progressing.”