‘Fortnite’ Got Sucked Into A Black Hole And Some Gamers Are Freaking Out

The well-worn map that Fortnite players knew might disappear did just that in a big way on Sunday. The game’s Season 10 event, which Epic was counting down to in the game, finally happened on Sunday and appears to have sucked the map and everything else into a black hole.

Gamers had speculated the countdown clock would spell the end of the current map and some big changes to the game, and it actually resulted in the game disappearing altogether. On Sunday afternoon, the game’s official Twitter feed posted a ‘farewell’ with characters waiving goodbye to the bus that would drop players into the game’s now-gone map.

As Polygon described, a meteor that appeared in Season 3’s event apparently came back and sparked the end of everything in the current Fortnite universe.

The set up for season 10’s event centered on the Visitor, a mysterious alien that arrived on the Fortnite Battle Royale island via meteor as part of the end-of-season 3 event in early 2018. After more than a year of spawning countless cataclysms on the island, the Visitor finally set up a rocket on top of Dusty Depot. When the rocket finally launched, as part of an in-game event on Sunday afternoon, it exploded in the sky and seems to have thrown off the balance of reality in the world of Fortnite.

After the rocket’s explosion, rifts began to appear in the sky and dozens of small missiles came out. All the missiles formed one giant rift which brought back the season 3 meteor and launched it into the vault. After that the entire Fortnite island was sucked into a black hole, leaving players in darkness.

And then everything got sucked into a black hole, as the feed later published on a livestream that showed, well, not much of anything for a long time.

As of this writing, that’s the account’s pinned tweet. It also changed the account’s avatar to an all-black image and the background image is of the now-dominant black hole at the center of the video. The livestream shows a circle of light slightly rotating with some ominous music playing. The game itself is currently offline, though it seems inevitable that something, you know, happens to let gamers back into the massively popular title and access all their skins and gear.

You can see how Season 10 ended, rockets and black hole and all, below.

As you can imagine, some fans are not taking a lack of access to a game legally equated to cocaine suddenly disappearing. Some users couldn’t log in at all, while others were shown the black hole and nothing else.

It’s extremely unlikely that Fortnite is gone for too long, but the outage and scale of the event has certainly got fans excited about what’s next. There hasn’t been any solid word about what’s coming, but making gamers go cold turkey is definitely one way to get players eager to see what’s planned for the future.