‘Fortnite’ Maker Epic Believes You Can’t Own A Dance, And The U.S. Copyright Office Might Agree

02.14.19 6 months ago 3 Comments


Epic Games has put some very familiar dances into its wildly popular Fortnite but those that are trying to get royalties from their moves are having trouble collecting. Copyright law in the United States is as fascinating as it is complicated, and the digital realm has only added to the layers of property law and how they apply to video games.

But those trying to collect on their dances popping up in video games have had trouble getting the law on their side. A number of people have filed lawsuits about copyright infringement over their dances appearing, unlicensed, in video game titles. Alfonso Ribeiro famously sued Fortnite and NBA 2K over his “Carlton Dance” appearing in video games, and others like the inventor of “Flossing” have added their case to the legal ranks.

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