GameStop Learns That Pre-Orders Don’t Mean Sales

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GameStop is, as we all know, infamous for pushing and pushing and pushing preorders. OK, they’re a business — but you’d think that millions of angry forum posts and thousands of ranty blog entries would convince them that this behavior drives their customers just a little crazy.

Fortunately, some relief is in sight. Well, not really. Kinda depressing as relief goes. But GameStop has admitted that part of the reason their profits aren’t up to their usual standards is that gamers are dropping $5 on a pre-order, and then not picking up the game.

We’d like to say that this is some clever mass protest arranged by Anonymous or something, but we’re pretty sure it’s just that gamers are broke. But at least we won’t be asked if we want to preorder Barbie Adventures when picking up “God of War” used.

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