20 Video Games You Should Have Been Playing In 2015

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After a slow start, 2015 was the year current generation consoles really started to come into their own. 2015 finally saw the arrival of numerous hotly anticipated sequels like The Witcher III, Fallout 4 and Batman: Arkham Knight and all-new series like Bloodborne and Nintendo’s Splatoon rose to stand alongside them. Meanwhile, the indie scene continued to produce a steady stream of polished hits like Volume, Hotline Miami 2 and Life is Strange. Perhaps most heartening, 2015’s lineup of games was one of the most diverse in some time. Massive RPGs, platformers, stealth, survival horror, old-school adventure games, multiplayer shooters — this year’s top 20 encompasses a great variety of genres and styles.

So, without further ado, here are the 20 best titles from one of the best years for gamers in recent memory.

20) Hitman: Sniper (iOS & Android)

We don’t cover a lot of mobile games around here, but frankly Hitman: Sniper is a much more fully realized, compelling experience than most mobile games. Tapping your phone or iPad to snipe bad guys may sound simple, but Hitman: Sniper turns it into a surprisingly complicated puzzle – you have to snipe your enemies in the right order and in the right ways if you’re to succeed. If you’re looking for something to play on the bus that’s not Flappy Bird or exploitative freemium nonsense, set your sights on Hitman: Sniper.

19) Star Wars Battlefront (PC, Xbox One & PS4)

Star Wars Battlefront (click the title for the full review) may have been a bit thin on content, but that’s somewhat forgivable because the content that it did have was polished to a high sheen. Battlefront may be the most visually impressive game on the market, and its pick-up-and-play action truly immerses you in a galaxy far, far away. If you’re into multiplayer shooters or have been dreaming of being a soldier on the ground during the Battle of Hoth since childhood, Star Wars Battlefront is more than worth a look.

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