‘Gears Of War 4’ Is A Bright Spot In A Year Of Disappointments In Its Honest Trailer

We found Gears Of War 4 to be more of the same, which is either a downside or an upside, depending on how you’ve viewed 2016 so far. And the Honest Trailers team views it as a definite upside.

As the trailer points out, the return to formula can be really comforting as you run down hallways to rooms full of waist-high walls, crouch behind those walls, and shoot everything that so much as twitches until it explodes into goop. Also, the fact that we’re well into the future and yet fashion sense and pop culture mores haven’t changed since the Limp Bizkit era (c’mon, Marcus couldn’t pull off that headgear in the first game, let alone a decade later) is arguably comforting. Although the game makes a pretty good point: Why are the hill people raiding local settlements the good guys, again?

We don’t entirely agree with Honest Trailers, here, not least because the game they label as a disappointment is far better than it’s getting credit for. On the other hand, it is hard to argue that spending eight hours chainsawing robots and aliens doesn’t have a certain appeal, no matter how snobby a critic may get. Game Of The Year!

(via YouTube)