Sony Unveiled New Trailers For ‘God Of War,’ Shadow Of The Colossus’ And Some Of 2018’s Heaviest-Hitters

It seems like Microsoft is successfully stealing away some of the fall gaming season attention with their uber-powerful Xbox One X, but during its conference at Paris Games Week, Sony made it clear that they have some heavy-hitting games that will demand our attention in 2018 and beyond. We’ve already taken a look at Spider-Man, which looks like it could be a dark horse Game of the Year even in its early state, and delved into the stunningly beautiful and incredibly dark Last of Us Part 2.

But, there are a handful of game trailers that still deserve to be watched. Even if Shadow of the Colossus is getting remade/remastered for the third time, it still looks like it’s must-play, especially if you’ve never gone on that unforgettable adventure.

From the makers of the Infamous series comes Ghost of Tsushima, which is novel in this time of remasters, remakes and sequels because it’s a brand-new IP. The open-world samurai game doesn’t show much gameplay in this trailer, but it’s certainly intriguing.

As the tech world ushers in more automation like driving cars and a robot “citizen,” we get another look at David Cage’s Detroit: Become Human. Cage’s previous games (Heavy Rain/Beyond Two Souls) were loved by some and hated by others.

God of War was shown off, and it looks impressive. Where there would traditionally be a dog as a sidekick, we now have a small child.

Of course, Sony had to show off the PSVR, and what would a conference be without at least one short clip of Skyrim?

And finally, there is Ouere, which looks like it shares some DNA with Journey. It could be good, but the title seems like it wouldn’t roll off the tongue.