Blow Off Some Steam With Intricate Constructions Of Mass Destruction In ‘GTA V’

A healthy dose of escapism is probably what the doctor ordered at the moment, and nothing is quite as cathartic as playing Grand Theft Auto V in order to escape the horrifying and dark realities of the world. The time is now to watch oddly satisfying videos in which gamers try to see what kind of strange destruction they can wreak in GTA V‘s Los Santos.

YouTube user Sernandoe has taken it upon himself to try a series of experiments in which he tries to either blow up a mountain or obliterate hundreds if not thousands of LS citizens. These are some of the best, even if they don’t always work out.

Here’s a pile of cars placed in front of a train. Very crunchy. Very explode-y.

And now a squishy attempt at pushing 100 people off a platform with a bus.

Those are okay. They’re fine. But seeing if 100 people can stop a jumbo jet is a combination of the two videos above, mixed with mystery. Mystery mixed with science. Mystery science.

Ultimately, it’s best if we end on a ton of atomic bombs in Mount Chiliad. Sadly, nothing much will happen, but it’s the effort that counts, right? Right.

No! We must drive a semi down a ramp as fast as we can so we can see how many people it will crush! We must press on!

(Via Kotaku)