‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Adds ‘Tron’-Esque Lightcycles In Its Latest Update

Grand Theft Auto Online keeps adding new stuff to do in Los Santos, catering to the desire of Rockstar to keep fans coming back and buying the in-game currency Rockstar seems to move so much of. But this update is a real doozy, even by their standards, adding an ’80s classic to the mix in the form of lightcycles inspired by Tron.

Needless to say, Disney wouldn’t let their cult franchise anywhere near the likes of Trevor, but it’s not exactly a subtle tribute. You hop, on lightcycles and rip around the arena with your friends, trying to slam them into the walls of light you’ve left training behind you. You can also pick up powerups to help you take out your foes, although we’d point out that Flynn didn’t need any powerups when he was trapped in the arena. Flynn did it with skill alone, friends. Be like Flynn, in gaming and in life.

Anyway, the update is live today, and is being celebrated with special bonuses for users who have business in the recent biker update that went through. But really the appeal here is playing Tron with your friends, so hop on those bikes and start putting up walls.

(via Rockstar)