Grand Theft Auto Online Is Celebrating Its Third Anniversary With In-Game Loot And Discounts

Grand Theft Auto Online has clearly gone on a lot longer than anyone, including Rockstar, could have fully anticipated. The online component of Grand Theft Auto V has kept itself current well beyond its initial 2013 release, and releases for current-gen consoles have also kept it going. And, for its third anniversary, Rockstar is handing out cold, hard cash. Well, in-game, anyway.

If you log onto your account on PC, PS4 or Xbox One anytime between now and Halloween, Rockstar will put the cash in your in-game account by November 4th. By total coincidence, a huge suite of popular items in the game are 30% off, giving you something to spend that cash on, ranging from cars to tattoos to, of course, the weapons you’d never dream of using on your fellow players. C’mere, fellow player, let me give you a Trevor Special.

Joking aside, it’s a nice touch of generosity towards players no doubt a bit jittery over the arrival of Red Dead Redemption 2, which is likely to drain players towards its fancy new online mode. Although since it lacks the ability to eat peyote and become convinced you’re Bigfoot fighting Teen Wolf, maybe the risks of that are slightly overstated.

(via VG 24/7)