Harambe Can Now Beat The Tar Out Of Ryu Thanks To ‘Harambe Vs Capcom’

Harambe will never die. He will always be immortal in our hearts, in our memes and apparently in our video games. Who knew he could beat the living daylights out of Street Fighter icon Ryu?

As the public continues to go mad for all things Harambe (including stories that aren’t real) it almost seemed inevitable that the late Cincinnati Zoo gorilla would pop up in a video game at some point. Behold! Harambe vs Capcom. As the title suggests, the game is a takeoff on the Marvel vs Capcom fighting series. Your mileage will likely vary depending on what you consider the taste level of this parody to be. Quarters out for Harambe, etc.

Playable on the PC, this spoof fighting title offers 21 characters and a storyline featuring Harambe faking his own death while also having psychic powers. Y’know, like in real life. A trailer has been crafted for this oddity complete with a “D*cks out for Harambe” nod in the theme tune and all the flashy visuals associated with the source material. For a novelty creation built around a solitary gag, the preview certainly looks tidier than you might expect it to be. Give it a gander for yourself and have a think about whether or not you’d like to see a 31 hit combo from Evil Ken delivered to a deceased gorilla.

(Via Kotaku)