Local Man Honors Beloved Gorilla By Running On Fenway Field In ‘Harambe 69’ Jersey

08.29.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

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Monday marks the three-month anniversary of Harambe’s murder, when a bullet fired by a Cincinnati Zoo staff member ended the life of our sweet, gentle gorilla. We will never be able to bring back our beloved Harambe, but we can choose to honor his life through any means at our disposal.

On Sunday night, a fan at Fenway Park during a Royals-Red Sox game chose the path of irony; he slipped away from security and ran onto the field while wearing a New England Patriots jersey with “Harambe” and “69” on the back. No, a sniper did not pick off anyone involved in the dramatic chase — Harambe would have appreciated that — but he was eventually handcuffed and detained in a jail, or enclosure, if you will.

It’s also ironic to think that Harambe, a noble ape that was assassinated for following the laws of the jungle and protecting a child, had his name evoked by a man wearing a jersey of the Patriots, a team that cares not for the laws of the NFL.

This fan’s friend was nice to take video of him jumping over the short wall in right field and running free, like Harambe once did.

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Done in loving memory of Harambe #RIP

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