Sony May Pay You $55 Thanks To Their PS3 Kerfuffle

Remember how the original PS3 would allow players to install a different operating system if they wanted to? Called “Other OS”, the feature had some cool uses, like saving money on computers by repurposing the processing power of several PS3s. Not surprisingly, Sony didn’t appreciate that some users were buying the discounted hardware and not buying profitable Sony games to make up for the discount. An April 2010 firmware update patched Other OS right out of the system purportedly for security reasons, and some costumers screamed foul.

Some PS3 owners filed a class action lawsuit, which has a final hearing on Jan. 24th, 2017, but Sony is already looking to settle it with customers early. Although Sony has admitted no wrongdoing, and the courts have made no ruling, Sony has agreed to offer cash back to some PS3 owners to avoid a potentially much more expensive court case.

If you bought the original fat model version of the PS3 in the United States between Nov. 1, 2006, and April 1, 2010, Sony is offering you $55 if you used the Other OS feature, or $9 even if you never used it. You can submit a $55 or $9 claim here.

Considering Sony sold as many as 10 million PS3s during that time period, offering a refund now instead of leaving it up to the courts is probably the most economical option for them, especially considering many of those buyers never used the Other OS feature anyway. Assuming Sony doesn’t appeal the case during next year’s hearing, they’re is likely to start sending out payments from this claim form next March.

(Via VG24/7)