Link Handles Big Balls And Zelda Conducts Chaos In The Latest ‘Hyrule Warriors’ Trailers

Hey, it’s time to catch up with the latest Hyrule Warriors goings on. First off, a number of new characters have been revealed including Fi (the sword lady from Skyward Sword) and Sheik, Princess Ruto and Darunia from Ocarina of Time.

We also have a bunch of new trailers. First up, Link swinging around a ball and chain weapon and beating the sh*t out of enemies with the Titan Mitts.

Next up, here’s Zelda wreaking havok with what appears to be the Wind Waker.

Finally, here’s a first look at Fi in action.

Yup, I’m fully on board for this now. When does the smashing begin?

via Nintendo Insider & Destructoid