Watch A Band Provide The Live Soundtrack To Some Mario Kart Action

05.22.15 4 years ago 3 Comments

The Mario Kart series of video games is probably the most iconic racing game series in history, and certainly the most iconic series wherein you can drive a car as a fire-breathing dinosaur. It’s also had some catchy songs to soundtrack it, but this video takes that to the next level.

While one gentleman maneuvers Peach around Luigi Raceway in Mario Kart 64, some other dudes play Luigi Raceway’s signature song live. It’s a pretty amusing reveal, and they manage to do a passable job of playing the tune, as well. Now, if somebody can bring the Ghost Valley song to life, we’d really have something impressive on our hands. Regardless, kudos to Broccoli Samurai, the band in question, for the ingenuity.

(Via Now Gamer)

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