‘Max Payne Mobile’ Is…Really Good, Actually

If you’re a gamer of a certain age, you probably played “Max Payne,” the noirish game that was the first to introduce “bullet time” to video games, which essentially meant you spent a lot of time playing the game like it was a John Woo movie and pretending you could totally leap into the air with two automatics and shoot eight guys in the face.

And now, as part of Rockstar’s ongoing experiments with mobile platforms (see also their release of GTAIII on iPad), we’ve got “Max Payne Mobile” for three bucks. But is it worth it?

In terms of the actual game, it’s nothing new — it’s “Max Payne.” In terms of controls and playability…wow.

The big problem with tablet gaming has been the lack of buttons: a touchscreen just isn’t the same as a controller, and translating games to the iPad have made that tricky. “Max Payne Mobile” has that problem licked completely. The controls are so smooth, so intuitive, that you’ll just play the game and it won’t even dawn on you that you’re actually playing something fairly complicated. The multiple layouts really help, as well.

If you’ve got an iPad, give it a shot…and get ready for a lot more high quality games.

(Image via Rockstar)

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