Footage Of The Scrapped Metallica Car Shooter Video Game Has Found The Light Of Day

Millions of dollars are spent on video games that barely see the light of day, or don’t see the light of day at all. It’s sad but true. Most of these doomed titles simply fade to black, but for one odd Metallica car shooter, the day that never comes is here — footage of Damage Inc. has surfaced. The memory indeed remains.

The game was being developed in 2005 for PC, Xbox, and PS2, and whoever scrapped it is surely unforgiven, but it’s easy to be holier than thou. Damage Inc. looks derivative, like a Twisted Metal ripoff with Kirk, James, Lars and whoever was their bassist at the time spouting one-liners wherever you may roam, but there’s definitely some innovation from this motorbreath.

Unlike Twisted Metal (at least the good ones), you can exit your car and enter another so you can ride the lightning all across a post-apocalyptic wasteland in style. There’s no doubt the wind is blowing in Kirk’s hair as you give enemies whiplash. There isn’t much to go by with this half-level, but rest assured you fight fire with fire as you escape creeping death with no remorse.

Sadly, this is all we will ever see of the game that was ultimately the thing that should not be.

(Via Kotaku)